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How Emil learned to deal with his fear of examinations


Before I got help at the Student Counselling Service, examination nerves was a big problem for me.

I had an ambivalent relationship with teachers and examiners.

I know that my teacher naturally had to help me, but he also had to assess me.

And that made me scared.


I kept thinking that he would ask me something I had not prepared for, or that I would say something incorrect.

I would convince myself that I would mumble and freeze up - and then everything would go wrong.

My teacher would assess me negatively and discover how badly prepared I was. 

Not only would I be a complete failure but I would also be unable to progress with my course of study.


Every time I took an exam, I was sure that when my teacher did not look at me directly, but wrote something down, it was negative.

It always made me upset, anxious and angry with myself, and therefore I would react by mumbling, blanking out or looking at my notes repeatedly.



When I contacted the Student Counselling Service the counsellor I met offered me group counselling.

A first I was a bit hesitate but knowing that everyone else in the group was fighting the exact same issues as me made me accept.


We had around 8 session in the group. And It was really a relief to met other students who shared my difficulties.

We were able to help eachother understand our feelings, thoughts and behaviour, and the interrelation between them.

The counsellor help me understad that, in my thoughts, I was living by a rule that I had to get EVERYTHING right - otherwise it would not be good enough and I would be a failure.


In the group we did a test examination as an exercise. 

This means that we were all filmed on video as we did our presentation.

It was a big challenge for me, but turned out also a huge help.


Obviously I was convinced that I would mumble and mess up my presentation.

But when we alle watched the videos together afterwards,  the comments from the group were that I answered the questions well and seemed very certain. I spoke clearly and did not repeat myself.

It turned out, that most of what I was afraid of, I had actually just created in my mind.


Now I dont wanna sound like this was easy and taking examinations are still not my favorite.


I have learned how to think differently about myself and the examination, and I have gained tools to handle my fear of exams when it hits me.



If you struggle with examination nerves and find youself in the same horrible situation every time the semester ends and the exam awaits then give us a call on 70 26 75 00 and find out how we can help you face your fears

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