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About the Student Counselling Service


On this page we provide you with all the information you need in order to know who and what we are. If you are looking for information on how we help students, then just click here



Background and purpose

The Student Counselling Service is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


Our objective is to provide social, psychological and psychiatric counselling and treatment to students at bachelor, professional bachelor and master's level, so they can complete their studies without unnecessary extension, and without unnecessary drop-outs.


Our team consists of psychologists, social workers with psychotherapeutic training, and psychiatric specialist physicians. All of our employees have a duty of secrecy and you are able to contact us anonymously.


Since 2014 we have been cooperating with The Office of SPS and the Board of Education and Quality on developing and providing special educational support (SPS) for students with physical or mental impairments and skill development of those who support the students in their daily life.

The aim of the support is to ensure that students with physical or mental impairments can complete educations similarly to students who do not experience such impairments.

A mental disability refers to diagnoses such as anxiety (e.g. OCD, PTSD), affective mental disorders (e.g. depression and bipolar), schizophrenia and other psychoses, personality disorders, eating disorder, and mental developmental disorders (e.g. ADHD and autism).


Our work is financed by the Danish State and is a separate item on the Annual Finance Bill, i.e. Section 19.35.24.§


Research project

In order for us to offer the best help and at the same time examine the quality of the help we offer,  we started a research project in collaboration with a PhD. Student from the Department of Psychology, Aarhus University in autumn 2014.


The research project investigates:

The extent and nature of the difficulties that the students experience
The benefit the students experience from our offerings

We collect data from:

The 15th of september to the 15th of december 2014.

The 15th of september to the 15th marts 2018.


All students that seek our help will be asked to fill out a questionnaire 2-4 times regarding their difficulties and their experience at the Student Counselling Service.


❶  Just prior to the first counselling session (duration 10-25 minutes)

❷  After the third session – in the case you receive more than three sessions (duration 2-3 minutes)

❸  At the end of the counselling program. If you have had at least two sessions (duration 10-25 minutes)

❹ Follow- up (duration 10-15 minutes)


The answers will not be available to any of our counsellors but only to the research group.


If you have any questions regarding the research project please contact Specialist consultant Majken Mosegaard Svendsen,


The Student Counselling Service consists of the following departments


🌏 Aalborg

🌏 Aarhus


🌏 Esbjerg

🌏 Holstebro

🌏 Kolding

🌏 Odense

🌏 Roskilde

🌏 Copenhagen




The Advisory Board has six members: One representative is nominated by Universities Denmark, one representative is nominated by Metropolitan University College and the Danish University Colleges, one is nominated by Danske Erhvervsakademier, two are nominated by the National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF) and one representative is nominated by the Board on an ad-hoc basis.



Rie Snekkerup

Chariman of the board

Director of Study Administration
Copenhagen Business School
Nominated by Universities Denmark


Rasmus Kjær Slot

Vice chairman of the board

Nominated by the National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF)


Annette Lund

Director of Student Affairs
Aarhus Universitet
Nominated by Universities Denmark


Søren Meyer

Head of Center
Cphbusiness Study and career
Nominated by Danske Erhvervsakademier


Camilla Hutters

Heaf of Division
Danmarks Evalueringsinstitut (EVA)
Nominated by the board


Marianne Elisabeth Marholt

Chef for Uddannelsesservice
University College Sjælland

Nominated by Danske Professionshøjskoler


Simon Mæng Tjørnehøj

Nominated by the National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF)


Louise Olesen Nyby


Nominated by EAK students


Jenny Maria Jørgensen


Nominated by the MVU network


Contact us

You can call us on our mainnumber 70 26 75 00

Monday - thursday from kl. 09.00-12.00 and 12.30-15.00 

Friday from kl. 09.00 -13.00


Below you will find a list of all of our local departments and who to contact.


🌏 Aarhus

🌏 Aalborg

🌏 Esbjerg

🌏 Holstebro

🌏 Kolding

🌏 Odense


🌏 Sjælland


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